Get in control of your digital future

Mobility, data and technology are continuously disrupting the digital landscape, leaving companies in a constant state of digital change that affects their whole organisation: from technical infrastructures, systems and platforms, to tools, processes and people. Today companies can connect to their audience like never before, but this also requires new competences, techniques and team structures.

What we do

Connect2Crowd’s digital consultants and interim executives support companies in gaining control over their digital future by adding digital depth to their organisation. We work for clients with the ambition to become more agile, and support them by providing practical assistance, sharing knowledge and giving guidance ranging from completing complex or stalled projects to implementing new technologies, infrastructures, tools and measures enhancing digital privacy and security. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you get in control of your digital future.

Our services:

Digital Project Management

Digital projects can weigh heavily on organisations. We manage complex projects from start to finish and bring stalled projects back in control.

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Digital Foundation Services

A solid digital foundation is vital for any company. We optimise your company’s organisation and processes, enabling implementation of new technologies, infrastructures and tools.  

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Digital Privacy and Security

Our GDPR service goes beyond audits. It delivers practical solutions to privacy and security challenges with the tools, processes and knowledge that make privacy part of your company’s DNA.

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Are you Privacy compliant?

we provide tools & frameworks for a quick start, a proven structure and a solid basis
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Our work

Our clients are companies of any size with or without a digital team. They all have the ambition to grow from a traditional organized company into an agile, flexibly run company that is ready for the future and facing digital developments with confidence.

We support them in building digital teams that are agile and efficient, utilizing current or new platforms and technologies, internationally rolling out campaigns, project management and implementing digital solutions. Our digital consultants hold solid digital knowledge within the FMCG domain working for Friesland Campina, Heineken and Nike and have also delivered digital projects to Nuon, Akzo Nobel and the Insurer Hoy Hoy.

About us

In 2014, Marco van Veen and Marcel van Rijn started Connect2Crowd with a mission to go beyond consulting, sharing their deep understanding of digital to make companies excel during times of continuous digital change. Today, Connect2Crowd’s expanded team consists of experienced digital consultants and executive interim professionals who can add knowledge and digital depth to any organisation. Because of our extensive expertise and practical approach, we count some of the world biggest brands and companies as our clients.

Andre Scholten

Andre Scholten

Digital Programme Manager

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Marcel van Rijn

Marcel van Rijn

Digital Technology Strategy

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Marco van Veen

Marco van Veen

Managing Director

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Andre Scholten

Barbara Grishaver

Privacy Compliance Manager


Kamran van Roosmalen

Akram Ahemed

Digital Media Consultant

Marcel van Rijn

Amar Rambocus

Digital Technical Consultant

Marco van Veen

Sjoerd Heddema

Product Owner


Andre Scholten

Christian Beer

Product Owner PIM/DAM


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Get in contact with us today to see how we can support you getting in control of your digital future.


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