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Digital Foundation Services

A solid digital foundation is vital for any company. We optimise your company’s organisation and processes, enabling implementation of new technologies, infrastructures and tools.

How can we help?

We ensure that your organization is operationally ready and increase the maturity level on the execution of your digital media channels. We optimize the used tools, processes and organization in such a way that your digital media platforms run faster, smoother, and according to expectation.

Clear methodologies and standards as well as tailored technologies and infrastructure solutions will help you increase productivity and market responsiveness. We think ahead and implement your strategy.

Our Approach

Depending on your ambition and current organization we have three different stages we can start from. These stages are subsequent, but can also be implemented individually.

We work with great energy and passion as we align our client’s business aspirations to the goals of the end user.

Digital foundation stages


We will start by evaluating the current position of your company. We will assess the position, challenges and opportunities from many angles.

Assessing your current position will give you a good idea of what is needed to reach your ambition. We perform desk research, interviews and present and discuss our findings with stakeholders. We will advise you on the steps to take and can take you to the next stage.

Improve & implement

The second stage is where we implement and improve the digital organization in your company. We start by supporting ongoing projects that are not running as smoothly as expected (the implementation of new technologies, rolling out platforms to multiple brands or countries etc).

Important issues we address in this stage are: ‘Agile’ organization, cost and time savings, risk management, eco-system, compliancy of rules on security and privacy, select and implement technology and hosting of infrastructure.


In the third stage the company will work according to the issues addressed and implemented in the previous stage. We will guide and coach digital teams when executing the digital strategy and help them to become agile and work efficiently.

Important issues we address in this stage are: interim management, sourcing, project management, functional consultancy, technical consultancy, Digital Specialists (e.g. SEO, Analytics, Social Media , cloud hosting).

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