Nixon is a joint venture initiated by Connect2Crowd and Triple. By combining many years of digital strategic and operational experience we are now developing a unique platform that will help (corporate) companies to map and control their digital landscape. The platform will provide a single dashboard view of all websites released by or on behalf of the company and will enable monitoring and improving security and privacy of apps running on these sites (GDPR).

Nixon aims to be a leader in this niche market by joining the knowledge and power of Connect2Crowd and Triple.


As Business Lead at Nixon you will act on strategic as well as operations level. You’re the one to shape product and company. You will lead a compact team of scrum master, lead developer, developers and a designer. You will help us create an ‘investment ready’ startup and grow a high performing team to build this comprehensive quality platform.
You will also drive business creation and are responsible for calling on customers and translate their input into product/platform delivery. You will create business cases and set up a marketing & communication plan for Nixon. It’s up to you to ensure that the thoughts and ideas of the Nixon founders, get translated into use-cases and roadmaps for the years to come.


As Business Lead/Product Owner you have a ‘getting things done’ mentality and you will proactively look for solutions. You are a connector; a team player and you feel responsible for the platform development and company. Communicating with developers and C-level customers is a challenge you can handle. Of course, you have quite some experience (as a mid+ or senior) and you understand what is required to develop a platform and setting up a start-up company in the digital world. You have enough knowledge of technology and development languages to understand tech talk and if needed, you are able taking the lead to get at useful decisions.
It is important you understand what it takes to develop a platform and know, not only from the books but in practice as well, the difference between an epic, story or task and know how to make and monitor a (sprint) planning. You understand our value proposition and have an affinity with Domain- & DNS management, website security and privacy (GDPR) related subjects like SSL and cookie consent management.


  • Minimally HBO work- and thinking experience
  • Extensive experience with the development of software products (platforms) and creating a start-up team;
  • Enough knowledge of technology and programming languages to understand the challenges the team is facing; as said earlier, you understand our value proposition and have affinity with Domain- & DNS Management, Security and Privacy matters (GDPR);
  • Knowledge of- and experience with tools as Jira and Confluence;
  • For native English: you have a basic understanding of Dutch and related humor. Other candidates: professional writing and speaking English is required (most of our clients speak English only);
  • Most of the work will be Alkmaar based;
  • You are available minimum 24 hours a week; optionally this can be spread over more than 3 days.


🌎 An innovative and creative work environment

🏎️ Never stuck in traffic jams or overcrowded trains

🚀 Room for self-development

😎 Good labor conditions

👩‍💻 Todays best and fastest laptop

🚂 Travel compensation

🍏 Fresh lunch and an endless amount of fruit

 📡 Internet compensation (yes, really!)

🍺 Cozy drinks and BBQ’s of our grill master

✈️ 25 holidays